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Clarksburg Area Carpet Cleaning Special

Father & Son is trained in carpet repair and cleaning methods that includes but not limited to:

Stains – If you’re carpet has any stains or dirt that has built up over time, we will come out and clean it to preserve your carpets life span

Flooding – Should your basement flood, call us immediately so we can get out there to start soaking up as much of the water as we can before pulling up the carpet and padding and allow it to dry. We will use the proper solution to prevent and kill any potential mold. If necessary, we will cut out any damaged padding and replace it with new padding.

Re-stretching – is performed on carpets which have ripples. Causes of ripples in carpets include prolonged dampness within the carpet, high traffic or poor installation. By re-stretching the carpeting, you are able to prolong the lifespan of it together with reduce any risks of tripping.

Patchwork – if you have carpeting that’s damaged with a stain or burn that can’t be cleaned, we can cut out the damaged area and graft a piece of carpet in its place. If no extra carpet is available, we can take a piece from a hidden area such as a closet.

Re-seam – Occasionally, a carpet seam can come undone. Normally, this is caused by the backing tape losing its adhesiveness. We can come in and re-seam it properly using premium seaming materials.

Re-weaving – This is where your carpet looses strands with time. It may be a result of several factors. We’ll take a piece of extra carpet and re-weave the damaged area. The result is a nearly invisible repair.

Father & Son Features:

Eco-Friendly cleaning (“Green”)
Safer for children and pets
Carpet dry in under 4 hours
Satisfaction guaranteed
Specials available for one room to the whole house

We recently had Father and Son clean our carpets and were very pleased with the results. When Richard and his crew showed up, they were in uniform and took great care in making sure we were satisfied with everything before they left. Our carpets were brighter and cleaner than ever before, not to mention they were dry within a couple of hours! We have already referred them to my mother’s home and my neighbor. Thanks again!

— Nancy B.