Wood Floor Cleaning

Squeaky Flooring

Talk about annoying! Early in the morning you try to sneak into the kitchen to start the coffee and sure enough, you hit that squeaky floorboard! And when friends come over, squeaky floors can be so embarrassing!

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One Squeak too Many!

You’ve lived with that squeaky floor for a while now, but it’s really beginning to annoy you! We get it. There’s always something else to do around the house. But perhaps lately it’s gotten louder or more frequent. Let us take a look. A squeaky floor is something we can often fix and give you peace of mind in the process!

Leave it to Father and Son

We can quiet those annoying squeaks with our fast and affordable solution that is effective on many types of floors under carpets. In most cases, our process allows us to fix the squeaks without removing the carpet!
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