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Our Process

We’re committed to environmentally friendly cleaning. We understand the importance of protecting our environment while making sure our customers are more than pleased with the results. The products we use on carpets, flooring and upholstery must be safe and effective.

We start with a powerful, yet nicely scented cleaning agent. The cleaner has a citrus scent, giving your home or office a clean and fresh smell. Our cleaning agent reacts with your carpet fibers to release stubborn trapped dirt. Once applied, we follow up with our commercial quality deep steam extraction process. The result is that we are able to remove all of your dirt and residue in the carpet – from the ground fibers to the top.

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How Efficient is Our Process?

Your home will look and smell great when we’re done. And within 4-5 hours, the carpet will be completely dry. Instead of a soggy, deep-soaking shampoo that soaks your carpet and actually pushes dirt further into the fibers of your carpet and pad, your carpet ends up cleaner and dries faster with our safe, environmentally friendly, cleaning technology.

Oriental Rugs?
Decorator Rugs?

If you have a special rug, perhaps an oriental rug in need of cleaning, we provide a pick-up service for the best result. By using a combination of gentle and safe cleaning agents and the expertise of our heirloom carpet expert, we are able to pick up your rug, clean it professionally in house, hang it to dry and deliver it to you in beautiful condition.

My dog had a recent bout where he threw up and had diarrhea with blood. I called Father and Son Carpet Cleaners company. They were professional, friendly, punctual, and arrived with smiles and a firm handshake. They left me with shoe covers and immaculately clean carpets.

– Carrie P.


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