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Committed to top quality services
Where We Put Your
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Father & Son Carpet Cleaning and repair

Carpet Cleaning and Repair, Flood Damage Remediation and moreby Father & Son

Welcome to carpet cleaning and repair that can’t be beat!

Our Father & Son name stands behind every carpet cleaning and repair as well as other cleaning jobs we do.

WE’RE NEIGHBORS! We live and work here and want every customer to be pleased with the service we provide whether it’s your home or office.

We’re a company that’s not intimidated by the “big guys” in the carpet cleaning and repair industry who see each job as a number. We’re about personalized service and that’s the way it should be.

Every carpet cleaning and repair as well as all cleaning jobs we do for every customer is different. The processes we use for carpet cleaning and repair or flooring may be similar to other companies, but the individual attention we give every family and business is tailored to your particular needs. That’s the “secret sauce” that gives us the edge, and it shows in the end result. We’re insured professionals – we guarantee our work!

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Have an Emergency?

Carpet Cleaning & Repair

Plumbing leaks happen. Spills cause problems. Whatever the emergency, if caught early enough, our cleaning service may be able to save the carpeting. We’re available 24/7 when that happens.

Call us at 301-528-4444.

Disinfecting Too!

Carpet Cleaning & Repair

THE NEW NORM! We get it! Having over 22 years of experience in the healthcare environmental services industry, we believe that disinfecting and sanitizing carpets & upholstery is crucial when maintaining healthy home and work environments. Now more than ever, amidst COVID-19 concerns, we are there when you need us. We can also schedule regular cleaning at predetermined intervals.
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How Often Should You Clean The Carpet?

Carpet Cleaning & Repair

Timing varies for every home or office. Our residential customers often have us clean their carpets semi-annually. Commercial businesses expect us at least quarterly. As each year comes to an end, carpet cleaning is a frequent request – getting the house ready for the holidays? Hosting a special event? For any reason, we are here when you need us. Give us at call at (301)528-4444 or send us a message and we’ll schedule your home or office immediately.

Schedule our services?
Want an estimate?

Carpet Cleaning & Repair

Give us a call at 301-528-4444 or send us a message. If you can give us details, we can get a quote out to you quickly.


About Us – Our Commitment to You

We are dedicated to providing excellent service and quality to our customers. Just as our name implies, we started out as a Father and Son Carpet Cleaning team with a mission to provide phenomenal quality and service by taking the time and personal interest with all of our customers. It’s not about seeing how many jobs we can complete in one day, nor is it about how much to “upsell.” We know that for all of the nationally franchised and colorful carpet cleaning vans you see on the road, not many are driven by technicians who actually put their family name on the line with every job, but we do! It’s the “little things that make the difference. We’re detail-oriented. We do thorough inspections before and after with you to make sure your carpet, flooring or upholstery are as clean as possible. In fact, more than half of our business is past customers and their referrals calling for a fresh cleaning and sanitizing of their carpets, floors and upholstery. Discover the “WOW FACTOR!”

What About Pricing?

We know that nothing is more aggravating than the infamous “hidden” charges of carpet cleaning companies. That’s why you’ll never see hidden charges from us. You’ll always get the best price without any extra or undisclosed fees, period. We don’t stop there! Our work includes the little touches that aren’t part of the service you’ll get from other companies – things like detailed spot cleaning, hand wiping of baseboards, all-natural cleaning solutions and sanitizing rinse treatment. We believe that these are crucial to maintaining a clean and healthy environment.


Highly recommend Father and Son Companies for carpet cleaning. They responded yesterday and came out right away. Great price and great service!
The last person that did my carpets charged a fortune. Love this family owned small business. Give your carpets a bath. Believe me, they probably need it, especially if your dog is like mine. He’s lucky, he’s cute!


I have used Richard several times through my cleaning company, Swept Away, over the past several years. Overall, I have been very happy with his service and recommend him to many of my clients when they are looking for a vendor. He has been able to do repairs and carpet cleaning.

- Dominique

I am very happy with the job, and I appreciate your timely responsiveness every time I reached out to you. You were terrific to deal with. Everyone on your team was excellent. I was very happy with your team’s service and your attention. Thank you very much.

- Renee

carpet repair stretching

Carpet Repairs Too

Professional carpet repair comes from experience. We’re so good at repairing carpets, that even some of our competitors refer us! Holes in the carpet, maybe even burn marks, pet damage, discoloring, or carpet that “waves” across the room – are all problems we can solve. We understand that investing in new carpet is expensive. We can help extend the life of your carpet and save you money! We’re here for you!

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carpet cleaning

It’s Not All About Carpeting!

Have you ever painted a wall, only to realize that the rest of the room looks dingy? Well, it’s the same with carpeting. Clean and repair a carpet and then you realize the furniture needs cleaning too! Or the tile in the kitchen and bath could sure use a grout cleaning! What about that squeaky floor? We can calm those pesky noises using a unique process that doesn’t even require us to remove the carpet.

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carpet cleaning process

What’s Our Process?

The days of throwing chemicals of various strengths on your carpet are OUT. Instead, we use an environmentally friendly cleaning product that has a bit of a citrus scent. Applying this cleaning product, the dirt and grime gradually releases. Then, using a high-tech deep steaming process, we extract it all, leaving your carpet, fresh, smelling clean, soft to the touch – and believe it or not, dry within 4-5 hours!

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We Love Referrals!

Have a friend or neighbor that can benefit from our services? Let them know about us and if they schedule services, we’ll send you both a special thank you!