Carpet Repair

Carpet Repair

Our carpet repair skills can save you money! In fact, nothing brings us greater satisfaction than helping a homeowner save hundreds, and sometimes, even thousands of dollars. Instead of buying new carpet, when they see the professional work that we do repairing carpets, they are grateful for the cost savings in having us extend the life of their carpet.

Damaged Carpet

We repair holes, burn marks and rips. We can even graft patch carpets that have stains or damage that can’t be removed! In addition, if you have “wrinkles” in your carpet, or your carpet “waves,” we can repair it so it’s flat again from wall to wall. Protect your family and friends from trips and falls. Let us look at the carpet and give you an estimate on the cost to repair it.

Discoloration too

Besides obvious damage to our carpets, discoloration also happens. If a carpet has been exposed to the sun for a while, it’s likely that it has faded significantly. The carpet may still be good, but the color has been damaged. We’d love to come to your home or office and give you an estimate on repairing your carpet. Chances are, we can repair the carpet for a fraction of what it would cost to buy a new one.

I used Father and Son Company to stretch carpeting in 5 rooms. Long story short, the carpet no longer has any ripples and looks great. I highly recommend and will use them for other carpet services when needed.

– Jacob M.

Before and After

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Take a look at the photos on this page, showing various carpet repairs. To find out more, call us at 301.528.4444, visit our Specials page, or send us a quick note through our Contact page. Once we hear from you, we’ll get back to you immediately.