Tile Grout Cleaning

Tile Grout Cleaning

It doesn’t take long before grouted tile begins to look dingy. Whether in the foyer, kitchen or bathroom, grout lines trap dirt and look dull. Instead of a beautiful floor, you only begin to see the grout. At Father and Son, we’re experienced in cleaning those ugly grout lines. We are specialists. And by the way, we use only eco-friendly methods to renew the existing tile grout to its original beauty.

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The Tile Cleaning Process

We first start with a mild pre-spray to loosen embedded dirt and grime, then apply gentle scrubbing with our state-of- the-art steamer. By using high temperature water vapor, our commercial quality floor steamer rinses away the dirt. Our next step is to vacuum the remaining water. We now have the tile grout ready for post-preparation. Lastly, we apply a sealer to provide a long-lasting barrier against future soils and keep your floor looking great!

New or Old

When we clean tile grout, we work with both old and new flooring. Obviously, old flooring turns dull over time. But sometimes a new floor also needs cleaning. Contractors often leave dust on the flooring, and there may even be a few drops of paint in the grout. When you call Father & Son Carpet Cleaning & Repair, we not only clean the floor but seal it too. The sealing process will keep your tile floor looking good far longer!

Before and After

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